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Olasco Plumbing Inc. installs, services, maintains and repairs piping for nitrogen lines, oxygen lines, compressed air lines, chiller lines, paint lines, ethyl oxide lines, clean-dry air lines, high vacuum lines, hydrogen lines, ammonia lines, de-ionized water lines, breathable air lines, liquid nitrogen lines, liquid hydrogen lines, chlorine lines, industrial waste treatment, stainless steel paint systems, scavenger exhaust & vent systems, in hospitals, retirement centers, dental clinics and medical centers in and around the greater Houston area.

Houston Compressed Air Piping | Houston Air Piping Line Installation Services | Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen – Texas Power Plumbing

When you need Industrial Compressed Air Piping systems in Houston, Texas installed, serviced or repaired, call Olasco Plumbing Inc. We are family owned, and our Compressed Air Piping installers are second to none. If you are searching for a quality plumber - look no further.

At Olasco Plumbing Inc., our mission is to provide you with:

  • Trained Professionals - our experienced process piping professionals install, service and repair compressed air equipment.
  • Emergency Repair - our team is standing by to provide 24 Hr process piping service or repair.
  • Troubleshoot - we have experienced technicians that can troubleshoot industrial process piping system problems and quickly bring your lines back to life.
  • Maintenance Programs - we offer customized preventative maintenance programs to help avoid costly breakdowns and repairs.
  • Experienced - our techs are trained and experienced in most Industrial Compressed Air Piping systems.
  • New Construction - we are licensed installers of Compressed Air Piping systems.

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